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Voice Changer with Headset/Mic
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The CV98 Voice Changer is far superior to the average voice changer on the market.  This voice changer will allow you to change your voice on the Telephone, or will integrate into just about any other application with the Microphone and Speaker Jacks on the unit.  The Analog Tone/Pitch control allows for a much wider range of voices to choose from.

This Voice Changer Will allow you to obtain a range of voices that sound realistic and different than your own.  The high and low ranges of the settings (depending on the natural pitch of your voice)  may not sound natural and may sound like cartoon characters.

This Voice Changer Will Not make you sound like a movie star.  In some cases it will not make a man sound like a woman and vice versa.  A mans voice is deep while a woman's is high.  If you are a man and have a normal pitch to higher pitched voice than you should be able to sound like a woman with this device, and vice versa for woman to man.  


  • Telephone, Microphone & Speaker, or Computer Sound Card connections.

  • Analog dial volume & pitch controls for infinite variations of voice.

  • Small size and easy set up for remote operation.

  • Includes Headset w/ Microphone for set up and testing.

  • Works with all cordless phones.


  • Dimensions - 5" x 4-1/4" x 1-1/4"

  • Weight - 8 ounces

  • Power - 12 VDC (adapter included)

  • See optional configuration pictures below.

Download the Users Manual CV98.PDF

CV98 Voice Changer $99.95 best voice changer in the eastvoice disguiser
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